Pure Comedy, an ironic tale of love in America.

Since bursting onto the music scene as Father John Misty in 2011, Joshua Tillman (aka. Josh/J. Tillman) has ranked up two award winning, number one albums, with his debut Album Fear Fun, surprising both new and old listeners of the Seattle Rocker. Tillman’s follow up album, I Love You, Honeybear, built upon the success of his previous release, further demonstrating the Tillman’s ability to establish a new musical wave, along with a new persona.

Tillman told the press, when questioned about his song writing, ‘I wanted to write about love without bullshitting.’ He then went on to say that he would continue to write about love, in a performance/interview session with Seattle Radio-station, KEXP. Leaving many fans to idly wait for Father John Misty to release his next love, sexual-innuendo, album. Father John Misty’s KEXP Performance

However, Tillman once again, has managed to surprise fans.


Pure Comedy, the latest release from Father John Misty (scheduled for an April release in 2017) has already had three of its tracks released to the public, through streaming platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music.

The title track of the album, was released in late January by the musician and appeared on Sub-Pop Records, teasing many fans to what is to come from the new collection of works from the mysterious, Father John Misty. However, from the teaser, we were once again dazzled by the ever evolving works of Joshua Tillman.

Pure Comedy attempts to set a more darker, and melencholy tone at the beginning of the album, a departure from previous releases from Misty. However, this darker tone almost resembles that of the older, less spoken works of Tillman’s earlier days, when he recorded under J. Tillman. 

One can only wait till the release of the full album in April, to fully experience the new works of the brilliant, but always evolving, Father John Misty.


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